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The "Casa dos Curumins" Project

The "Casa dos Curumins" (Children’s House) Project
at Santa Terezinha (a "favela"), is located on the outskirts of San Paolo in Brazil. The project, which began in 2003, now hosts 150 children and 5 adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18.  The "Casa" provides job training and support for integration into the work force, and it offers a viable alternative to the hunger, degradation and violence typical to the kids’ local environment.

The "Casa dos Curumins" provides breakfast, a hot meal and a snack, and teaches kids basic principles of hygiene and other activities that will be beneficial in their adult life. The after-school program proposes courses in Portuguese, civics, art, theatre, communication skills and computer training. Since children who attend local public schools suffer from a high illiteracy rate, the "Casa" offers solutions by teaching basic reading and writing skills as well.  Teachers and assistants place special emphasis on imparting values like respect, altruism, and non-violence, which in turn extends to the surrounding communities.

The "Casa dos Curumins" also reaches out to help kids’ families (most single-parent families) and proposes medical visits by volunteer doctors including pediatricians, gynecologists, and psychologists.The "Casa dos Curumins" is supervised by two professional, local coordinators, Fatima and Marina. They are assisted by three paid and three teachers, and three local women who help with cooking.

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