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Banda dos Curumins

The Banda dos Curumins is a performing ensemble group of 30 comprised of adolescents and young adults from the Quarteirão da Música. The band is led by Brazilian musician, and Casa Dos Curumins teacher, Vilson Carlos Maria

Since its formation in February 2013, this unique cultural and educational performance group has been conquering the public domain and increasing its visibility thanks to performances that have been recognized for their excellence. The musical repertory of the band is rich and varied, including both original and cover songs. With their creative and dynamic rhythm, young band members continue to create exciting and engaging stage performances, occasionally while sharing the stage with well-known European musicians!

The band has performed in more than 30 public shows in Pedreira, Santo Amaro, downtown Sao Paolo, and in Sao Bernardo do Campo. In particular, the band has held several notable performances at the Teatro do CEU Alvarenga, Teatro Elis Regina de S. Bernardo, Natal Iluminado of Santo Amaro, and Salao Nobre da Camera Municipal of Sao Paolo. Recently, the Banda dos Curumins invited the Swiss musicians Alice Mondia and Sebalter to a joint performance at the Teatro do CEU Alvarenga, Pedreira.

For information on performances, please contact Mikaelle Cafè or Ana Paula Guimaraes.
Phone: (11) 2691 3646 E-mail:



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