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Adopt a Child

Adoption is an act of love destined to change a child’s life – and your own. Your help does not merely consist of sending a certain sum of money each month. The "adoption at a distance" also offers an opportunity to develop a dialog with the adopted children. When a letter arrives from a "godmother" or "godfather" offering advice and help, it is always a moment of great joy for the children. La "Casa dos Curumins" promotes long distance adoption with the goal of creating a bond of solidarity between you and the children involved in the project.

The money donated will contribute to:

cost of food, school supplies and cleaning supplies  the monthly rental of the space where activities take place  the cultural and recreative activities offered for the children

The annual amount (600 SF/ 480 Euros) can be sent in one single deposit or debited on a monthly basis (50 SF/ 40 Euros).

Those who adopt a child will receive a description and a photo of their child and will also be able to contact him or her directly. Documents and letters will be translated from Portuguese into Italian and vice versa. It’s also possible to travel to San Paolo during the Brazilian school year (February to December), to meet the children and see how they live.

Adopt a Project

You may want to do a "group adoption" and support the "Casa dos Curumins" and all of those who benefit from the project. Everyday more and more children ask to participate in our program, but cannot be

accommodated. An annual contribution of 600 SF/ 480 Euros would provide us with the means to develop and increase the activities, and above all to welcome more children and adolescents into the program.


Scholarships will provide support for career training and university level studies for particularly talented and motivated students. The scholarships, which will be reimbursed by students once they enter the work force, create a sense of solidarity between the kids, la Casa dos Curumins, and future beneficiaries of the program.

Supporters and scholarship providers will receive a detailed study plan with the estimated costs, which will naturally depend on the student’s area of study and specialization. Supporters will be notified of the progress of the students and of the association.

Even small contributions will support a child’s scholastic dreams. University studies cost between 250 SF to 300 SF (165 to 200 Euros) per month during a four year period.

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