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Project "Margaridas"

The Margaridas (Daisy) Project,
started in 2004,consists of distributing a "Basic Necessities Food Basket" to some of the kids’ needy families.

The project is managed by the "Casa dos Curumins" staff and intends to assist needy families. This avoids the need for kids and teenagers to resort to illicit means of gaining money (robbery, prostitution, etc.) to provide food for their families.  With the aid of the project, the kids can concentrate fully on their studies and work towards creating a better future for themselves and their families.

The "Margaridas" group consists of 22 mothers (nearly all single parents) who often find only menial jobs with miserly pay. These mothers receive a monthly "Basic-Necessities Food Basket" which provides a month’s supply of food for about five people.

The women, supervised by Fatima and Marina, learn basic skills, including sewing, cooking and other manual work, to help them regain self-esteem and courage, and eventually create better opportunities for their families.  In 2006, the women will begin to sell some of their sewing and embroidery wares in markets.

The "Basic-Necessities Food Basket" cost: 25 Swiss Francs/ 17 Euros

It contains:

10 kilos of Rice
4 kilos of Sugar
200 grams of powdered chocolate
150 grams of Cookies
500 grams of coffee
500 grams of "Mandioca" Flour
1 kilo of wheat flour
2 kilos of beans
85 grams of gelatin
500 grams of spaghetti (egg pasta)
500 grams of Fusilli pasta
2.7 liters of soy oil
520 grams of tomato sauce
1 kilo of salt
125 grams of canned sardines
270 grams of broth

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